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Dualsport or Adventure bikes are today's terms for Enduro's or Trailbikes. These machines have now seen such a quantum leap in technology, they've almost lost their roots, in terms of providing everyday do it all riding. Still, they offer a wealth of opportunity to find enjoyment in riding, whether into the hills on the weekend, or simply to the corner store.

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They are least fatiguing

They are the most versatile

This sites mission includes three goas. One is to present Tobin Lampson, former Publisher Dualsport News. Second is to offer some of his thoughts on dual sport bikes. Thirdly it offers a guide, simple evaluations, and product reviews on key products offered currently in the dualsport market place. 

      This site is intended in no way to be a competition to Adventure Motorcycle Dual Sport News, on the contrary, I recommend that publication highly.

enduro - best of all worlds

They are safest

The are most economical

Rather than have to own three or more motorcycles to enjoy various 'niche' riding genres, what if I said that you could own only one, and it could offer you an array of ride styles you could perform in, and you'd have greater 'Joy' owning it?


Long ago and far away, in the late sixties, Yamaha introduced a line of 'Enduro' aka 'Trailbikes' that changed motorcycling. 'Scramblers' at the time were the more sporty outfitted of what mostly were street machines prior to that. What the Enduro's offered was the great outdoors, and a fun means by which to discover it.

We know there is more than one manufacturer of a 'best dualsport bike'. In fact there are a number of them out there. Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, not necessarily in that order, are a few. Probably the most important spec for a better machine is its overall weight. Ideally 250 to 400lbs is the window preferred for do it all, that means 'billy goat trails - to super slab' that we're looking at.



the best dualsport/adventure bike

An 'ultimate dualsport' - defined


Among experts we now have some general parameters defined. These depict a window of possibilities for a definition. These begin to shape our picture of a 'best bike' for everything. Our requirements: 1)Seat of the pants fun 2)Long Range at least 225 miles 3) Ample horsepower of 35 to 70 bhp  4)Long travel suspension, 5)Dependability. 


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